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Finest Window, Inc. is a family owned and operated window and door distributor proudly serving New York, New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, Bronx and surrounding areas. For nearly three decades, we have specialized in everything from window and door installation and replacement, to providing energy efficient products. When it comes to searching for the perfect product and performance, we will be sure to find the best product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also within reason of your budget. Our goal is to cover all bases from initial consultation to completion of your installation so that you are not left with any lingering questions or concerns.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is summarized in two words: relationship building. We address a service call with the same regard as a building-wide installation opportunity. All of our relationships are built from the ground up. We are large enough to take on any project you may contemplate, yet small enough for you to establish a personal relationship with a principal of the company. We service our own work as well as that of others. We are known for our responsiveness.

Our Mission

Our work is both manufactured and customizable; we work around the clock to best fit your needs in terms of functionality and design. Beginning with the first consultation, we find the most suitable product for your property that will be the most efficient for your needs and budget. We purchase our products from vendors and if we are not satisfied with the overall quality and finish of the product, we will send it back, just as you would. We believe that our great reputation is our best asset and we work exceptionally hard to maintain it.

Contact Us

If you are in the market for window and door installation and or replacement, we are the company that you are looking for. Our professional craftsmen have decades of experience allowing their work to always produce an outstanding result. Please feel free to contact us at 718.439.8400.

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New York, New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, Bronx